Private Token Sale
FINToken™ Vision

To become a utility medium for innovative and, improved transactions in regulated industries using blockchain technology.

Finhaven Gateway Inc. (“Gateway”) is introducing an utility token to bridge the gap between capital markets and crypto markets.

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Fundamentals of Finhaven Token (FINTokenTM)

Finhaven™ Token (FINToken™)

FINToken Symbol:


(Available on Ethereum chain and Binance Smart Chain)

FINToken Private Sale Start:

Monday, May 30th, 2022

End Period:

Offer is valid only for limited time

FINToken Starting Price:

CAD 0.12

Current FINToken Circulation:

15,860,624 FIN

Maximum FINToken Sale:

5,000,000 FIN

Minimum Purchase:

USD 5,000 (Payment only with USDC on Finhaven Gateway Platform)

Lock Up Period:

12 months from the date of purchase