Create your FINWallet™

A multi-crypto-exchange connector

We provide a non-custodial decentralized crypto wallet to store your cryptocurrencies.

Earn 30 FINTokens™when you sign up for a Finhaven Gateway account and pass the KYC process

We offer

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Store your cryptocurrencies in one decentralized place

Non-custodial crypto wallet to hold your cryptocurrencies

Your crypto assets will be held securely in your FINWallet. Only you have the private key, and only you have custody of your crypto assets.

FINWallet as a service, a Whitelisted Crypto wallet

A FINWallet holder is whitelisted for KYC, AML, anti terrorist financing and travel rule.

Manage your crypto portfolio with FINWallet

The FINWallet will be a multi-crypto-exchange connector, a single access point to your various crypto accounts. Effortlessly manage your crypto portfolio from here.


Fundamentals of Finhaven Token (FINToken)

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