Purchase FINTokens™ to make payments in the Finhaven™ ecosystem

Connecting tradifi and defi in a compliant way

Crypto token holders can use their crypto assets to invest in security tokens that we offer in our Finhaven™ Private Markets.

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Fundamentals of Finhaven Token (FINToken)

Why enter Finhaven™ Gateway?


Gateway’s compliance controls reduce risks and help prevent, detect, and deter money laundering and other financial crimes. We know our customers throughout the course of our business relationships.


Finhaven Gateway Inc. (“Gateway”) is registered with FINTRAC (Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada) as a money services business (virtual currency dealer).

Risk Management

Gateway is committed to fulfilling specific obligations to help combat money laundering and terrorist activity financing. This includes putting in place robust policies and procedures to detect, deter, and prevent financial crime.

Earn 30 FINTokens when you sign up for a Finhaven Gateway account and pass the KYC process

About Finhaven

Finhaven provides a seamlessly integrated investor/customer experience using its proprietary blockchain platform.

Founded in 2017, Finhaven is led by an experienced management team with strong track records across traditional capital markets and high tech, and in scaling companies to successful exits. Its subsidiary, Finhaven™ Capital Inc., operates Finhaven Private Markets, a registered exempt market dealer and authorized marketplace and clearing agency for security tokens, the first of its kind in Canada.

For more information about Finhaven, please visit www.finhaven.com.

Connect to our Gateway ecosystem

Gateway customers can benefit from Finhaven Private Markets, FINWallet™, FINToken and MetaismX.

Finhaven Private Markets

Finhaven Private Markets is operated by Finhaven Capital Inc., a registered exempt market dealer and authorized marketplace and clearing agency in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario. Finhaven Capital Inc. is a subsidiary of Finhaven Technology Inc.


The FINTRAC registration allows Gateway to operate its virtual currency dealer business facilitating sales of FINTokens – a connector token between the worlds of cryptocurrencies and digital securities. Customers will be able to buy FINToken (FIN) with USDC or fiat (CAD). Finhaven will issue the FINToken (FIN) on Ethereum (ERC-20), to provide utility and incorporate the advantages of decentralized finance including Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20).


FINWallet for Gateway customers is a multi-crypto-exchange connector offered on the Ethereum mainnet, a single access point to your various crypto accounts. A place where you can take custody and effortlessly manage your crypto portfolio. Binance smart chain is included. FINWallet will be used for white-listing services.


Finhaven will be launching an NFT marketplace called MetaismX. Finhaven will utilize its Platform technology solution, including its compliance framework for customer protection, to provide a solid user experience on MetaismX. Fractional NFTs are deemed to be securities, so Finhaven Private Markets will offer investors a regulated trading environment for F-NFTs.

Facilitated partner businesses

Finhaven Gateway supports facilitated business partners to bridge the gap between fiat and crypto and make crypto settlements in any business sector using FINToken.

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